Wellness Benefits of a Tens Unit

Wellness Benefits of a Tens UnitMany people are becoming aware of the uses for a TENS unit with replacement electrodes for TENS units, however a lot of us still have no idea about the complete abilities of this machine. Most of us also have no clue about what sorts of conditions, discomfort, and other physical problems it can help relieve.
For those who don’t know, TENS electrode units provide pain relief naturally. The TENS units work by sending electrical impulses to the muscles to relieve the pain. These electrical impulses stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, in the body. This process mainly helps in relieving body pain and specific diseases without any bad side effects.
Here are some of the pains and illnesses that a TENS unit can help to relieve: joint inflammation, neck and back pain, cancer cells, sciatic nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, foot pain, sprains, knee pain, puffy joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, labor discomfort, and much more.
TENS unit machines can also be used for retraining nerve damage that leads to pain or loss of movement. A TENS unit helps with receiving and sending signals to and from the nerves properly. The electrical impulse will trigger the patient’s muscle, retraining brain and nerve patterns. With continuous use, the patient can often regain any lost mobility.
TENS units are easy to use and are often used by physical therapists, but you may also purchase one for your home. You just have to ask for your specialist to train you so you know how to properly use and maintain the device. This is one of the most affordable pain relief therapy options and is best used with high quality TENS replacement electrode pads.
Speak with your physician if you feel that a TENS unit might be the right option to help you with these illnesses. You’ll require a prescription for the machine, then, you can purchase the electrode pads.
Look for electrode pads that are made with strong fabric, or another durable material, because it is more comfortable to use. Also, make sure they are hypoallergenic. You might want to purchase electrode pads that comes in individual packages and have a clearly indicated expiration date because these replacement electrode pads come with big packages. This is to make sure that you maximize the use of these electrode pads. Choose electrode pads that are cheaper in price, but also high quality compared to others.
Make sure that you seek the advice of your health professional before using the TENS unit machine and its electrode pads. Each individual must weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks alongside their physician. After a full evaluation of the concerns at hand, your choice will become clear. If you choose to use a TENS unit with electrode replacement pads, know that the best may not mean the most expensive, but will mean pain relief and comfort. Whatever you choose, remember that with your doctor’s help, pain relief is coming your way!