Mercedes Benz Racing Teach Your Kids How To Work On A Car And Know Car Parts

Mercedes-Benz In Motor Racing


Mercedes-Benz is reputed for its manufacture of luxury cars. The carmaker is also making leaps and bounds in motor sports. The company started getting its car models in rallying and sports car racing from as early as 1890’s. Currently, the automotive company is actively involved in Formula Three, Formula One, DTM and V8 Supercars Australia. A Benz competed for the first time in the world’s motor race in 1894. The 1902 Mercedes Simplex was the first car built by the company purposely built for the race.


Mercedes Benz participated in Grand Prix motor racing from the year 1923. The Benz model used in that race had a tear drop shape. In 1930, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Daimler and they together won the Grand Prix in Europe. The cars raced at a speed record of up to 435 km/h (270 mph). The company stopped racing when the WWII started. It was in 1954 when Mercedes-Benz resumed the sport and participated in Formula One racing which they won. The automaker continues to supply safety cars to be used in Formula One.


Mercedes-Benz had withdrawn all its factory-sponsored motor sport after the 1955 Le Mans disaster that unfortunately killed over 80 spectators after a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR collided with another vehicle. It took many years before Mercedes-Benz participated in motor sports but the company later returned to Formula one in 1994 where they supplied engines to Sauber. The two companies had teamed up before and succeeded in sports car racing. Mercedes-Benz-Ilmor F1-V10 teamed with McLaren team in 1995 and together, they achieved several podium positions.


Mercedes-McLaren partnership continued in 2003 where they produced the McLaren roadcar, the SLR. Mercedes is also a supplier of the cars to the FIA used as safety cars, medical cars and other official roles at Formula One races. Mercedes-Benz also supplies its cars to private racing teams. In 2011, the company announced that a GT3 version of the SLS AMG would be available for private racing. From the time the announcement was made, the SLS AMG GT3 has won several races at the 24 Hours of Spa, 24 Hours of Dubai and 24 hours of hours of Nürburgring. The SLS has also participated and won many other national and global GT3 championships. The SLS AMG GT3 was replaced by the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 that was launched in 2015. Mercedes-Benz has achieved two vice-championships and a total of 18 wins.


Mercedes-Benz manufactures sporty cars with great Mercedes transmissions for customers who love speed on the tarmac. Transmissions for sale for your cherished Benz can be found in new, used, or rebuilt. The Mercedes-Benz C230 is one sporty version that sporty car fanatics would definitely love. The C230 has a high speed of 130 mph. the estimated curb weight of the car is 3350 to 3400 pounds stretching on a length of 178.3 inches. The wheelbase measures 106.9 inches. The Mercedes Benz C230 features a 6 speed manual transmission system, a 1.8 liter supercharged engine and a sport tuned suspension. The C230 is actually sportier than it actually appears and has exceptional performance on sharp corners and good handling.