A Gym Shoe Innovation

A Gym Shoe InnovationThose shoes that you simply can’t live without, which can be womens or mens shoes for flat feet, high arches, or wider feet; those shoes you can use for exercising, doing yard work, walking, running, or merely hanging out—tennis shoes—have an exceptional record.

Tennis shoes were initially branded as “plimsolls” in the 1800s when they were first made as a simple rubber-soled shoe. They were rebranded “sneakers,” several years after when an advertising professional marketed these shoes as boasting the unique feature of not making any noise while walking, whatever the surface.

In 1917, Converse was the first popular company to release athletic shoes. They branded their first shoe as the Converse All Star and it was used primarily by basketball players. This footwear—the Converse All Star—later wound up being the Chuck Taylor All Star and it became a necessity for players and enthusiasts of basketball, as well as children and teens for more than 50 years.

Brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler introduced the initial footwear used for tennis, or the tennis shoe, in 1931 and the trademark name Adidas was born. Later, Rudolf Dassler partnered with Puma Schuhfabrik to create a brand of shoes for football, which were eventually called Pumas.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that the brand became popular amongst teenagers after James Dean was photographed wearing his jeans and white sneakers. Kids as well as teens utilized their sneakers as a symbol of rebellion after that.

In 1968, the gym shoe giant Nike got into the tennis shoe scene after Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman combined to produce Blue Ribbon Sports shoes, which was later changed to Nike after the Greek Goddess of Triumph. In 1979, Nike established the initial Nike Air shoe, consisting of a cutting-edge air-cushioned sole.

Since then, Nike has dominated the athletic shoe market. Nike continued to dominate the market, and in 2003 acquired Converse, Inc. The reestablishment of the Chuck Taylor All Star not only started a trend, but it also proved that it’s still a staple of many wardrobes.

Athletic shoes, because of the people of different lifestyles, ages, and genders who sport them, have proven that they’re not only shoes for professional athletes. Reebok formed a collaboration with the music industry to create their Sound and Rhythm line in 2004. This was created in an effort to expand and also enhance sales and to acknowledge the expanding popularity of the music industry and its influence on today’s younger generations.

Whether you’re an expert athlete, a sports enthusiast, a music fan, or a fashionista, there’s certainly a style of tennis shoe that will fit every aspect of your life. Our feet are created differently and using sole inserts can help make them more comfortable, regardless of your foot shape. These provide cushion and support, so they can prevent your feet from feeling sore and tired.

Whatever style of sneaker you prefer, it’s quite refreshing to know how this type of shoe evolved, from its name to the people wearing it.