Explaining the Industrial Environment to Kids: What is a Bridge Crane?

In this article, dedicated to familiarize children with industrial environment and machinery, we’ll talk about overhead cranes. Another name for these cranes is bridge cranes or (combined) overhead bridge cranes. Overhead cranes are one the most used pieces of equipment all around the world. This is a piece of equipment that is commonly found in industrial environments and it’s required as much as bulldozers and heavy trucks. Cranes are machines which can be used to lift and lower materials as well as to move them horizontally. They are much needed in the transport, construction and manufacturing industry for moving and assembling heavy equipment. Cranes are a big advantage for humans because it overcomes ours normal human capabilities.


A very important part of a crane is its hoist. A hoist is the lifting component of a crane that is able to travel along the bridge. There is no better and safer piece of equipment that will effectively transfer an object from one area to another. Basically these cranes are used to safely move an object from point A to point B. Bridge cranes come in many forms depending on their use and they are very adaptable to different environments. Sizes also vary from smaller versions to enormously big ones. Smaller ones are used in factories and workshops, while taller and huge versions are used when we need to build a very tall building. There are three types of commonly known cranes – jib cranes, gantry cranes and overhead cranes.


A jib crane has a moveable hoist which is always fixed to floor pillar or wall. These cranes are smaller and commonly found in industrial sites. The jibs can be fixed or they can swing, forming an arc, being able to additionally move if needed. They are used when material needs to be lifted to the upper floors. They are usually found on the upper floors of a warehouse.

Gantry cranes are used when we need to lift something very heavy. They are commonly found in steel yards, factories and construction sites and they are almost always electrically powered and painted in yellow color. These cranes are very strong and they are able to carry from 3 tons to 300 tons. They are very powerful and gigantic and they are very much used in factories for transportation of smaller objects.


Overhead bridge cranes are often used in long factory buildings and they are very much alike to gantry cranes. They can run along rails on the ceiling and they are usually installed permanently, meaning they cannot be moved. They are very strong so there are commonly used to transport steel. They can be custom made to fit the building and they can also be rented. When a bridge crane is made, it needs to be installed in a building according to the needs of builders. If you want to find out more interesting facts about cranes, visit this link overhead cranes houston.


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