A Discussion about Children Gender Stereotypes

Society has already ingrained us with gender stereotypes and “typical” masculine and feminine behaviors. Don’t allow yourself to raise your children in the same manner. In the past, little girls were allowed only to do “feminine things” like playing with dolls, while boys were supposed to play with cars or do sports. Realize that times have changed and that your perception of what girls and boys are allowed to do have been wrong. There is no such a things as “desirable” behavior according to gender. This means, if your girl likes sports or playing with toy soldiers, that doesn’t mean she’ll grow up to be a tomboy. If your boy loves to dress up nicely or he likes to dress up dolls, that doesn’t mean he’ll end up being gay. Even if he is, why is that a bad thing? Parents have the biggest influence on their kids and a parent your duty is to let them express who they are, in every way they want and can. If you constantly prohibit them to act as they feel they should, you can only trigger undesirable behavior in the future. By undesirable we mean, your children might not to be able trust you because you judged them in the past. The lack of trust in parent – child relationship is fatal for healthy mental development of child. Your kid may end up with not handling authority, becoming an outsider and many other things. So please, consider what you are saying to your child and what kind of subconscious messages are you sending to him.


There is no typical male and female behavior. There is no such thing as “showing typical male and female traits”. Don’t you dare be the one who judges your own child because it acts differently than the society has expected from him. Instead of that, offer support and show them love. It is normal to want for your child to be accepted by the society, but first, your child must accept itself the way it is. Children are doubtful and insecure. You are the one who needs to build them confidence. If you too, doubt your child, it can grow up to be a very unstable, insecure person.


 Have you ever had issues with discrimination? Have you ever been discriminated because of your gender? Just think how awful it would be if you ever had issues like that at work, and you had to consult with HR Unlimited or some other human resources company. Do you want the same for your child to go through? We know you wouldn’t. So, if your little girl talks about becoming a plumber, let her be! Show her interesting websites like http://www.emergencyrepairplumbers.com/ and talk with her about what awaits her at that kind of job. If she wants to be a lawyer or an engineer, give her all the support of the world! If she likes to wear blue or have short hair, let her express herself as she feels comfortable. If your boy wants to be model, let him show his potential to the world. If he likes to dress up dolls, let him become a fashion designer. If he wants to be a businessman show him examples of good business firms like Seattle mortgage companies. The point is not to mold your child into something your or the society expects. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, comfort and discomfort zones. Embrace your child’s personality at its fullest!