DC Design House Benefits Children’s National Health System

The DC Design House is an annual project that has become a popular event for DC area residents in recent years. As the DC Design House project is about to kick off its ninth year of holding its annual showcase, we decided to look into some of the reasons why people are so excited about the event.

One of the reasons we think (and hope) people are excited about the event is because of the charitable aspect. The DC Design House charges $35 per person to visit the showcase, and all of the proceeds go to support the Children’s National Health System. Charitable giving is something that we all like the idea of, but the DC Design House makes it easier to do so by granting donors with an amazing experience in return for their donation. Some people who attend the showcase who are originally unaware of the charitable aspect of their visit are excited to find out about their unknowing contribution later on.


Of course one of the main reasons people get excited about the event is because it allows us to escape the reality of our small DC apartments or our fixer-uppers in suburbia. We get a sneak-peek at what it is like to live in luxury. Walking up to a house that has a luxurious looking front porch and garden designed by Blake Dunlevy, with D&A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc, and walking into the amazing powder room designed by Lena Kroupnik will make you forget that this is not the life you live (at least for a little while). For DC residents, the $35 is not a bad price for a little escape from reality and a donation to the Children’s National Health System.

Another one of the main reasons that the DC Design House has become a popular event in DC is because of the excitement around the interior and exterior design. HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is a channel that a variety of people from different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses enjoy watching. Something about seeing an old, fixer-upper turned into a beautifully designed house and seeing a small space (or home) be transformed into an amazing living space makes people feel good. We also like to see what some of the designers on these shows do to try to mimic it in our homes. The DC Design House showcase allows us to see some of the design work that we love in person. We can feel the warmth of those cozy spaces rather than just seeing them on TV.

No matter what your reason for attending the DC Design House showcase, there is no doubt that it is a fantastic event. Whether you are designer looking for fresh inspiration, a homemaker looking for a couple of simple ideas, or a young adult who wants to escape from your tiny apartment for a little while. The showcase is a great way to see some amazing designs and make an impact on an incredible organization.