About The Charity Organization United Muslim Relief

The UMR (United Muslim Relief) is a non-profit and registered organization located in the United States. This particular group is aimed at developing humanitarian coalitions to assist developmental needs. UMR has a strong belief system that every person in every country has the right to live in a secure and safe environment that is poverty-free.

The inspiration for this organization is derived from Islamic principles that encourage the body to be more pluralistic and open-minded. Seattle psychologists – Also, they believe that every person regardless of religion or race must be able to have ready access to healthcare, clean water as well as being able to earn sustainable livelihoods along with access to social services.

The changes in climate accompanied by a decrease in the natural resources, proliferation,’s in conflict, famines, energy limitations and humanitarian crises has contributed to difficulties to average humans, but has also helped to make it unbearable for the poor and needy. For this reason, it has become increasingly important for organizations to collaborate when it comes to the international development requirements.

The UMR has achieved a portion of this goal by working with a variety of partners to handle some of these crucial challenges. Also, UMR believes that collaborations are based on two-way streets, which involves giving back to the vast array of communities and volunteers that support this cause, which has resulted in a much stronger organization.

The UMR Vision

They aim to become world leaders by uniting other development and relief organizations in assisting the underserved communities to achieve self-sustenance and to get their dignity back.

The UMR Mission

UMR uses the integration method with several global partners in providing extensive Muslim development and relief aid to those communities that are struck by poverty and other issues across the globe. These humanitarian missions are achieved through combining aid delivery, disaster response, advocacy, youth mobilization as well as empowering individuals through education.

UMR Purpose

Being an International Islamic charitable organization, they stay true to the belief that every human being is entitled to dental care, health, clean water and ready access to the basic types of social services regardless of religion or race.

UMR Approach

URM tries to stay true to their purpose by offering sustainable programs, running campaigns, educating communities and the public, advocating change as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid in conflicted areas and disasters.

What Does The UMR Do?

Emergency Response

The drastic changes in climate along with violent conflicts have resulted in a broad range of humanitarian crises in this day and age. Seo services DC that are impacted by these conflicts and natural disasters around the world in the way of offering shelter, food, clean water, medical care and medications to those who need it.


UMR works with the other humanitarian NGO’s in assisting them with the delivery of medical programs. Over and above the shorter-term medical applications, the UMR also help their partner organizations with a variety of long-term medical programs. Some of the programs include the establishment of dental clinics, maternal delivery rooms and supplying the clinics or hospitals with medical equipment and medicine. To date, the UMR has provided these medical supplies and medications to various countries that include Bosnia, Ghana, Chad, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq.

Dental Relief Programs

The exorbitant costs related to medical care often make it virtually impossible for the impoverished communities and families to obtain dental care. Tooth decay causes a host of complications that include difficulty in speaking, eating difficulties, chronic toothache and severe pain from abscesses that often interfere with day to day activities for millions of individuals that live in poverty.

Education And Livelihood

As nearly every educated person is aware of, the key to escaping poverty does not come from aid but rather providing communities and individuals with the tools needed to improve prospects and their lives for a more secure future. By supporting livelihood and education programs, the UMR works with these families to arrive at an economical solution that is suitable.

Orphan Care

It has been estimated that around 153 million children across the world that range from infants all the way to teenagers have lost either one or both of their parents. The UMR projects in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia sponsors Muslim orphanages and orphans that assist communities in how to get out of their poverty-stricken situations. Through these programs, the UMR supports the recipients in breaking the poverty cycle which has an adverse impact on the successive generations. The objectives of these programs make sure that each orphan is clothed and fed as well as given the very same type of educational opportunities of those children that have been born into fortunate circumstances.


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