Designing My Perfect Car With Decals

Normally I wouldn’t even think about trying take on the task putting decals on my car myself but I had a friend recommend me to this company and certain about how simple it is. I took his word for it and took the plunge.

I will admit that I should of just trusted the website and ordered based on the pictures available but I wasn’t convinced that the design would be exactly as shown. I’ve been burned in the past with online purchases so I’m careful, not that I buy less but I want to get it right even if I have to buy two different products.

Dodge Challenger Graphics I purchased the 2016 challenger R/T decals from Streetgrafx, a site that only does pin-striping kits. I didn’t trust any of the other sites I found when I did my due diligence shopping around. It seemed that they were all selling other products and just threw this in as a bonus because they thought it would sell.

I have to say it was incredibly easy and I think anyone could pull it off. I personally don’t have any experience in this and all the classic cars I owned in the past all came with perfectly designed stripes.

I recommend trying it out yourself, you can visit his website at