Month: June 2016

Explaining the Industrial Environment to Kids: What is a Bridge Crane?

In this article, dedicated to familiarize children with industrial environment and machinery, we’ll talk about overhead cranes. Another name for these cranes is bridge cranes or (combined) overhead bridge cranes. Overhead cranes are one the most used pieces of equipment all around the world. This is a piece of equipment that is commonly found in…

About The Charity Organization United Muslim Relief

The UMR (United Muslim Relief) is a non-profit and registered organization located in the United States. This particular group is aimed at developing humanitarian coalitions to assist developmental needs. UMR has a strong belief system that every person in every country has the right to live in a secure and safe environment that is poverty-free….

Boost the online success of your Houston business 

With the development of the internet, most companies started turning to new and innovative marketing methods, while neglecting the traditional ones. Business owners realized the importance of online visibility and owning a website. The internet is the future, and by having a web page, you are one step closer to becoming more successful. It gives…